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The power of persistence

A cyclists perspective on pushing through the tough days.

If you've been following us on social media, you're probably aware that I'm an avid cyclist.

My journey into cycling began a few years ago after completing a charity ride, a time when I was still grappling with anxiety and depression.

The training for that initial ride was tough and not particularly enjoyable, but it revealed my newfound love for being out on the bike.

And it was the first time I truly understood the power of persistence.

Going from dismissing the idea of a simple bike ride I didn't even own a bike before that!) to regularly cycling 50-100km per week for fun, I learned firsthand about the transformative nature of persistence.

Just yesterday, I unintentionally put this lesson to the test.

Sunday mornings are when a small group of us gathers to ride, sometimes along the flat beach terrain and often in the challenging Adelaide Hills. Despite being keen to get back out on the bike and spend time with my friends, my mind and body really weren't up to it.

To top it off, the weather wasn't on our side, with strong winds, scattered debris, and a challenging headwind during the ascent. My legs felt heavy, and my mind was fatigued from a tough week, constantly reminding me of the difficulty of the ride. It wasn't the most pleasant cycling experience, to say the least.

I've ridden this route three times before, with the last attempt in October. However, it's never felt as challenging as it did yesterday, despite riding quite consistently over the past few months, conquering new hills and becoming a stronger rider on flat terrains.

Despite anticipating my slowest attempt and expecting Strava - the activity recording App - to reflect that, I was pleasantly surprised at the end.

I had achieved a personal record on 12 out of 24 segments, along with second and third-best times on another 11 segments!

In total, I received an 'achievement' on 23 out of 24 segments!!

My persistence has paid off. Despite the ride feeling long, hard, and painful, I performed better than ever on half of the segments.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Because it's crucial to remember that even on the days you feel terrible, when you don't want to pursue your goal, showing up and doing it anyway means you're making progress.

You're improving.

You're growing.

At the time, it may not feel like progress, but if you were to measure it, a SUPER-important part of goal-setting - the statistics may tell a very different story.

Every effort counts, as I proved to myself yesterday, and persistence is indeed powerful.

You might not be a cyclist, and riding uphill in the wind may not be your thing. That's ok. This is just my example of an 'a-ha' moment.

Whether it's persistence in learning a new job role, growing your business, learning an instrument, hitting the gym, or changing eating habits, the key is persistence.

It's easy to lose heart when you don't conquer your goal immediately, so be sure to set a realistic timeframe and keep at it.

I promise you, just like me, you'll see results even when you least expect it.

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