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Rebekah at Moonbeam Monday is the anxiety coach, helping people overcome chronic anxiety.

Hi, I'm Rebekah.

I'm your anxiety coach. It's my job to help you eliminate anxiety and overwhelm for good, so you can live your life on purpose!

The anxiety coach you’ve been searching for

I'm more than just an anxiety and mind shift coach; I am the anxiety coach and co-creator of Moonbeam Monday. As a daughter, sister, aunt, mum to two fur-kids and friend, I've always been a ‘fixer’. If there's a problem, I’m your go-to. My upbringing, deeply rooted in solution-focused and community-driven values, has paved the way for the work I do today as the anxiety coach.

Discovering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) led to an ‘a-ha’ moment. I realised that many of my beliefs and values weren’t my own. I had formed them as a child and teenager based on the beliefs and values of my parents, and other adults in my early life.

Many of us get stuck in this way of thinking. We don’t stop to consider if we actually believe something, or what our own values might be. We simply move through life thinking “I was born that way. It’s just the way I am. I can’t change it now.”

What changed for me?

This realisation led me to understand how certain events in my life – even things people had said – had impacted me. It opened my eyes to why and how I react to certain situations and how and why I may struggle with something when others don’t, and vice versa.


To say this realisation was transformational is understating it. I now understood how my brain worked, and while those lessons early on in life were important, they didn’t have to define who I was now, or who I would become in the future.  


With guidance from anxiety coach, I made some drastic changes which have completely changed my life.

Since my ‘a-ha’ moment, I have:

  • Eliminated the depression and anxiety that plagued me for more than 20 years

  • Changed the way I eat and reduced my alcohol intake drastically, which means I feel better, sleep better and have a clear mind

  • Lost nearly 20kgs

  • Become a strong and consistent

  • Created routines and rituals that support me when times get tough

  • Quit my 9-5 job working for someone else, to become and award-winning coach

  • Learned to how to be kind to, and love myself


I have completely changed my perspective and approach and find myself feeling calm, optimistic, energised, motivated, and happy, all things I struggled with in the past.

Rebekah from Moonbeam Monday, the Anxiety Coach, wearing a black jacket, drinking a cup of coffee at a cafe.

What happened next?

Being a natural ‘fixer’, I channelled my revelations into helping others as the anxiety coach. My journey has shaped me into a full-time Mindset Coach. Professionally, I am wholly devoted to helping others reframe their mindset, guiding them towards their most authentic selves.

What can you expect from working with me?

Having (me) the anxiety coach by your side means clarity, understanding, and transformation.

I'll provide insight into your behaviours and beliefs and furnish you with tools to instigate positive change. Together, we'll break barriers and craft a supportive environment tailored to your needs.

Working with me will help you achieve your goals by helping you get clear about what you truly want and agreeing on a plan, uncovering the beliefs, blocks, behaviours, habits and patterns of thinking that may be preventing you from living the life you desire, and removing these blocks and replacing them with ones that will support you.

When we work together, I will share why you think or do the things you do and tools and techniques to help you change habits and behaviours that may be harming you or holding you back.

Anxiety coaching with me means you have an ally, someone who believes in you, will hold you accountable without judgement and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Let's get started!

Join me for a FREE Discovery Call to discuss how we can work together. 


If you think your problem is too big or that you’ve tried everything, I can assure you that with me as your coach, no problem is unfixable.


As the anxiety coach, no matter how daunting your challenges may seem, every problem has a solution. My credentials as a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist equip me to guide anyone ready for a transformative journey towards self-awareness and empowerment.

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