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Reset+Recharge Retreat

A journey into self-care
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Sunday 3 March 2024
11am - 2.30pm | Pillar of Light Wellness Hub

Step into a sanctuary of serenity and be guided on a journey to dissolve stress, reclaim your inner calm and prioritise your wellbeing.
Spaces are limited. Reserve your space now.
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About this event

Our mind can often seem like an ocean; its surface often turbulent and chaotic, mirroring the challenges and demands of everyday life.


When you join The Brain Changers, Rebekah and Yvonne King for the afternoon, you’ll discover how to access the deep and tranquil realm of calm that already exists within you, just like the depths of the ocean.


This retreat is designed for you, the busy working woman who puts the needs of others before yourself, and in doing so, often feels anxious and overwhelmed.


It’s an opportunity to carve about a moment to rest, recharge and refocus your mind to gain clarity on the changes you want to make, and learn how to implement them without adding to your to-do list!

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Images are not of actual event, only the space at Pillar of Light
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Here's what to expect

During this transformative afternoon you’ll explore practical techniques and strategies to invite calm into every aspect of your life, such as:


  • Learn the art of mindfulness meditation (but not as you know it!) to cultivate present-moment awareness and reduce stress.


  • Discover the power of simple techniques to promote deep relaxation and mental clarity (yes, it really is that simple).


  • Create a personalised self-care plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences to integrate immediately into your daily practice.


  • Connect with likeminded individuals and build a supportive community for ongoing growth and accountability.


But that’s not all! It wouldn't be complete without our special guest, Amanda Collings-Wells, to spoil us with a memorable experience, sharing her insider knowledge and secrets of the benefits of essential oils and massage.


Whether you're seeking solace from the demands of work, family, or daily responsibilities, our Reset+Recharge Retreat offers a haven of tranquility to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and rejuvenation, valued at $557, but available at an early bird price of just $97. Hurry, as tickets will be $127 post-early bird.

And trust us, the value extends beyond the monetary – investing in yourself is priceless.

Other important information

  • The Retreat accommodates 20 attendees, ensuring an intimate and personalised experience.

  • Your ticket covers a light lunch, non-alcoholic beverages, and a take-home workbook.

  • For any dietary requirements, please email us at before February 29.

  • We will be taking video and photos during the event to use in future promotional material on socials and website.

  • We recommend bringing your own water bottle for hydration (water provided).

  • Street parking is available near the venue on Frederick St or Welland Ave.

  • Because we include so much valuable information, the Retreat may run over or under the allocated time. Please allow for this in your plans.

Join Rebekah for a restorative day to Reset + Recharge. Your journey to a more intentional and vibrant life begins here. Reserve your spot today, and let's make this year truly different together!

Meet your hosts


Rebekah is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner with a passion for helping professional women in their 40’s and 50’s live a life of joy, meaning and happiness.


A former corporate professional herself, Rebekah’s life took an unexpected turn after navigating years of depression and anxiety when she reached what seemed like an insurmountable low.


A pivotal encounter with a renowned Australian Coach, led Rebekah to delve deep into understanding her mind's mechanisms, where she embarked on a transformative journey to rewire her thinking.


Her own remarkable journey inspired Rebekah to effect radical shifts in her life, becoming a source of strength and inspiration to others seeking liberation from anxiety and self-limiting beliefs.


Drawing from her experiences and coupled with her impressive qualifications, she now guides people in retraining their brains, facilitating immediate and profound transformations, earning her the moniker, ‘The Brain Changer’.


Her clients have seen incredible shifts that have completely transformed the trajectory of their lives for the better, moving from feeling stuck, anxious and unhappy to motivated, calm and confident.


Rebekah’s mission is to broaden her impact far and wide and reach as many women as possible to demonstrate that when they revolutionise the way they think, they too, can implement game-changing shifts in their lives with ease, enabling them to love the life they choose.


Yvonne is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people understand why they think, say and do the things they do.


Learning NLP made Yvonne realise that some of our beliefs, attitudes and habits don’t support the life we want to live, and many pre-existing thought patterns actually sabotage success and happiness in life.


Learning how her mind works and how we can change those thoughts, beliefs and habits that don’t serve us well, proved to be especially beneficial to Yvonne when she was diagnosed with a serious health condition in late 2020.


NLP had a significant impact on how she dealt with the psychological and physical trauma of illness and in developing strategies and goals to help her deal with them in an ongoing capacity.


Yvonne's goal now is to help others facing similar circumstances to develop strategies for their emotional and physical healing and to live a life of optimism and purpose.

She is doing this by writing her inspiring journey towards becoming a cancer survivor, diligently working on a book that aims to motivate and uplift others facing similar circumstances. 

Email us at if you have any queries

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What others have to say about our retreats
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"I absolutely loved every minute of it and felt like I was surrounded with support and warmth. I found the content really interesting, relatable, and engaging, and the open discussions that it sparked were incredible. Having never meditated before, the guided meditation was an experience I'll never forget. I felt so fantastic at the end of the day, and I slept better that night than I have in months! I'm feeling very motivated to make the changes I need in my life with Beck's help, and this is just the beginning! Thank you." - Julia

"I had a lovely time at your retreat. You really created a safe space for me where I was able to speak openly and honestly. My biggest take away was that just a few small changes can really make a big difference." - Kim

There was nothing in the day I didn't enjoy. It was so well thought out and planned and it went so quickly! I was intensely listening and in the zone the entire time! There was so much food! I liked that it was made by Beck and her mum and not just supplied by a café. It gave it a real homely special feel. - Jess




"Beck is passionate, energetic and inspiring and she shared many tools for creating life changes; tools I am excited to practice!" - Megan

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