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The Brain Changer™ Online
The Brain Changer™ Online

Sat, 08 July



The Brain Changer™ Online

2-Day Intensive Live Online (Sat 8 + Sun 9 July 2023) Understand the mechanics of your mind and create a roadmap to get what you always wanted, but never thought possible.

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Time & Location

08 July 2023, 8:30 am ACST – 09 July 2023, 5:00 pm ACST


About the event

I hear it constantly… 

“I’m stressed, anxious and overwhelmed!"

"I want more from life but I feel selfish for thinking that!"

"How do I figure out what I want and then find the time to get it all done?!”

Rather than face the problems head on, the common solution for many is to crawl under the covers with a bottle of wine and the Netflix remote!

I get it. That was me five years ago. On the outside, I had everything! But on the inside, I felt hopeless. I was bedridden, depressed and anxious, barely able to function. It affected every aspect of my life.

I tried to find a way through… counselling, medication, diet and exercise, you name it. Nothing lasted.

Then I found a solution that literally saved my life!

  • I learned how to rewire my brain.
  • I developed the ability to control my own thoughts.
  • I erased my old obsessive and compulsive negative thought patterns.

Essentially, I learned how to become the master of my own mind and life.


I know what you’re thinking… “I’m different. Bad things have happened to me. I’m really messed up.”

I’ve got great news… you can do this too, and it’s easier than you think!

Enter… The Brain Changer™, a 2-day intensive program that will give you a whole new understanding of:

  • Why you say and do what you do.
  • How you get the results you get (or more importantly, how you don’t get the results you want!)
  • And how to make immediate changes to get instant results.

The Brain Changer™ will leave you feeling calm, happy, and inspired to create the life you’ve always wanted but never thought possible.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Day ONE – The Mechanics of Your Mind

On day one you will learn how your brain is hard-wired, why you do the things you do, and more importantly, what you can do to create change and achieve anything you want.

The Mechanics of the Mind - discover how to use what Psychology Today Magazine refers to as “the most powerful vehicle for personal change in existence.”

Filters And Fake News - increase your awareness by understanding how your brain works and how it feeds you false information (in non-sciency speak!)

Communication Models – crack the code on communication and become a master at getting your message across.

Who do you think you are? – discover whose life you’re actually living when you identify what your core values really are.

Day TWO – Your Roadmap to Success – Get ready to take the wheel!

Now that you understand how your brain works, on day two you’re ready to take control of the wheel, set your destination and begin driving toward your ideal life with confidence!

Live like it’s on purpose – identify your true ‘why’ and you’ll never wake up wanting to pull the covers over your head again!

Stop stalling and get moving! – Eliminate procrastination forever with these 7 easy steps that will have you smashing your to-do list in no time!

Where the focus goes, energy flows – use this simple tool to identify and break old patterns and create new and lasting habits (this is a TOTAL game-changer!!)

Your life is now, let’s get started! – you’ve heard of work/life balance… this is better! Find your rhythm and leave with a plan to create the life you never thought possible.

It's time to ditch the excuses and begin living the life you have always wanted. Today is the day to begin changing your life!

The Brain Changer Program™ will help you understand the mechanics of your brain and create a roadmap to get what you always wanted but never thought possible.  It’s a game changer!


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