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Communication Masterclass - get the most out of your relationships
Communication Masterclass - get the most out of your relationships

Sat, 06 Aug


La Maison Tranquille

Communication Masterclass - get the most out of your relationships

One of the most important factors in success is effective communication. But does it simply come down to what we say? Join us at La Maison Tranquille in Goolwa South for this 1-day masterclass that will change the way you think... literally!

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Time & Location

06 Aug 2022, 9:30 am – 5:15 pm

La Maison Tranquille, 51 Riverside Dr, Goolwa South SA 5214, Australia

About the event

One of the most important factors in success is effective communication. 

But does it simply come down to what we say?

No! In fact, only 7% of our communication is in what we say! 

A study by anthropologist Ray L. Birdwhistell in 1970 illustrated that the communication between people breaks down into three areas:

1. Words = 7%

2. Tonality = 38%

3. Physiology = 55%

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why we communicate well with some people and not so well with others. 

If you’re relying on your words to do the talking (pun intended), then it’s likely that your message isn’t always getting through.

Understanding how to build rapport with people is the first step in communicating effectively. And understanding how we each process information is equally important. 

For example, did you know that using specific language with people dependent on their primary representational system (the way they take information in and relay it back) can be the difference between understanding and mis-understanding?

When you learn the hidden signals, you have the key to effective communication. And it’s not all about words, language and physiology, you have to learn to listen mindfully, too!

In this Masterclass we will explore the subtle and not-so-subtle cues to observe, and how you can use these to communicate back to them effectively.

At the last Mindshift Masterclass our group said,

"I had a lovely time Saturday at your retreat. You really created a safe space for me where I was able to speak openly and honestly. My biggest take away was that just a few small changes can really make a big difference." - Kim

"Beck is a passionate, energetic, inspiring presenter and through the day she shared many tools for creating life changes; tools I am excited to practice! I highly recommend working with Beck for anyone looking to understand NLP and create little changes that will make a big difference!" - Megan

"Beck has been coaching my 16-year-old daughter which has been absolutely life-changing. From the retreat, I have already applied tools that I learned and am seeing very positive results. I would highly recommend attending this retreat. It is an excellent eye-opener and will leave you wanting to explore and learn more." - Julia

The program

* How to build rapport so the person you’re communicating with is comfortable

* Understand the filters of your mind, and you will begin to understand why others react in a certain way when you communicate

* What are our representational systems, and how do they determine how we process information?

* Why our eye movements are so valuable when communicating

* What is mindful listening and how do I do it?

* Understanding the meta programs and how this information is GOLD when communicating with others

* A nutritious lunch and snacks, and gorgeous goodie bag to take home… and more!

There will be opportunities throughout the day to practice mindfulness, meditation and reflection, too.

Arrive at 9.30am to meet the group and enjoy a nutritious snack, before getting started. We will conclude by 5.15pm.

You’ll leave feeling empowered and ready to communicate effectively to get the most out of your relationships, personally and professionally.

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