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Mindshift Mastery Webinar
Mindshift Mastery Webinar

Thu, 10 Aug


Zoom (link provided upon registration)

Mindshift Mastery Webinar

Help your team ditch stress, anxiety and overwhelm by learning how to retrain the brain. These are the 3 big issues in workplaces that just don't seem to go away. And the drivers of these problems usually have nothing to do with work.

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Time & Location

10 Aug 2023, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm ACST

Zoom (link provided upon registration)

About the event

It's easy to get caught up in thinking that anxiety is the problem.

But actually, it’s just a symptom that something else isn't right.

It's the domino effect.

I've spent more than 20 years in the corporate and professional environment and over those years

I've seen that there are three big issues that just don't seem to go away…

  • Everyone is stressed.
  • People are riddled with anxiety.
  • And this sense of overwhelm is killing our culture.

And I’m here to tell you that the drivers of these problems usually have nothing to do with work…

They're the personal pressures that people suppress on a daily basis.

Until you identify and address the stressors outside of the workplace, nothing will change inside the workplace.

How do I know this? Because this was me a few years ago.

I was stuck in a cycle of depression, anxiety and self-sabotage.

I'd tried so many things to try and 'fix' the problem. But I never really knew what the problem was.

I didn't know why I said, did or felt the things I did.

And I was afraid to dig too deeply to find out what was really going on.

And because I allowed myself to stay in my comfort zone, I ended up in the same uncomfortable position, again and again thinking that one day I would magically get my sh*t together, and something would change.

But nothing ever changed, because I never changed anything.

Can you relate?

It was only when I learned how to retrain my brain that I was able to ditch the stress, anxiety and overwhelm and redesign my life.

I finally learned a secret that turned my life around.

  • I discovered that 'thoughts become things'.
  • I learned how to retrain my brain of destructive thoughts.
  • I mastered how to control my thoughts.
  • But more-so, I erased my old obsessive and compulsive negative thought patterns.

I noticed an immediate difference.

And the good news is, anyone can learn to master their mind like I did!

Attend the Mindshift Mastery Webinar and you will be taking your first step to:

  • Feel calmer
  • Take control of your emotions
  • Communicate to be heard
  • Feel energised to go to work
  • Develop deeper connections with colleagues
  • Achieve success in any area of your life

Most importantly, you'll learn how to be truly happy.

At Mindshift Mastery you will learn how to ditch the stress, anxiety and overwhelm by learning how to retrain your brain.

I'll also introduce you to 3 very simple yet powerful game-changing tools to help you.

You will:

  • Learn the secrets about how your mind works
  • Understand why you're triggered by certain events
  • Work out how to identify what's holding you back so you can begin to shift it
  • Master 3 powerful tools to help you begin retraining your brain

Anyone can do this.

What we do at Moonbeam Monday is simple, but it's not always easy. It can get ugly before it gets pretty. But once your mind and eyes are open to this, there is no going back! It's kind of like one of those things that you can't unsee once you've seen it.

Mindshift Mastery is the beginning of that.

If you're ready to ditch the stress, anxiety and overwhelm, then register for our FREE Mindshift Mastery event to begin learning how to retrain your brain.

I look forward to seeing you online.


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