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Mindshift Mastery Online Course


Welcome to Mindshift Mastery, your first step into reclaiming yourself and living an intentional life. As humans, we all want to find meaning in the things we do. It’s how we’re built. In fact, the part of our brain called the ‘seeking system’ creates our natural impulse to learn new skills and take on challenging yet meaningful tasks. When we follow these impulses, we receive a dopamine hit – a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure – making us want to engage in these activities more and more. When we activate this seeking system, we feel more motivated and purposeful. The goal of this program is to: • Educate you about how your brain works; why you think and react the way they do • Help you understand what you value most in life – professionally and personally – leading to understanding your purpose. Many people live their life with inner conflict because: a) they haven’t truly identified their deeply held personal values, or b) their day-to-day actions are in conflict with their values. When you understand your purpose in life, you can better understand what you want so you can live an intentional life of happiness. This is the first step in making valuable and lasting changes in your life. Let's dive in!


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