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Conquer your fear!

Embark on this transformative journey with our Breakthrough Fear Package, designed to liberate you from a fear or phobia in just 3 sessions! 

Begin your transformation today.

Fear can stop us in our tracks. And a phobia, which is a very tightly wound neural network, or an irrational fear, can stop us from experiencing some of the most amazing things in life!

Fear is our brain's way of stepping in, an ancient instinct to keep us safe from danger. But over time, our brain hasn't evolved enough to understand the difference between REAL danger, and simply feeling uncomfortable, or uncertain. As a result, it can hold us captive, hindering our potential for growth and fulfilment. 

Many fears and phobias have developed from something we've experienced in our life that we've then attached an emotional response to. For example:


  • Severe turbulence on a flight may have resulted in a fear of flying.

  • Being stuck in a lift may have left you scared of confined spaces.

  • Being laughed at by the class when presenting show and tell as a child may have created a fear of public speaking.

  • Or it may be even be a fear passed down from a parent or loved one.

This fear is an emotional response that has a hold over you. It's your brain telling you how to react in a particular situation.


But the good news is, no matter how long this fear has been part of your life, you can unlearn that behaviour... and quickly!




Over three sessions via Zoom we will:

  1. Identify the pattern you have created that has shaped this fear.

  2. Clear the root cause of the fear

  3. Install a new pattern so you no longer feel fear when in that situation

It sounds easy, right? Well, it is. We'll simply retrain your brain to follow a different path when presented with a situation that in the past, would have instigated fear.

The breakthrough package includes 3 x 1-hour coaching sessions**, scheduled over 3 consecutive days. All you need to do between sessions is listen to a hypnotic audio recording at night as you fall asleep.

** Coaching sessions may run over time depending on the process. 

















Still not convinced? Call or text me on the number below and we can chat directly.

How does it work?

Case Study

Lyn* came to me recently with a fear of confined spaces. It didn't stop her from doing anything but the thought of getting into a lift left her feeling anxious, self-conscious and with a deep feeling of dread. In our session we identified the pattern Lyn had unconsciously created each time she approached a lift, and scrambled it so her brain didn't recognise the pattern anymore. Two weeks later Lyn sent me an email that said,

"I went out with a new friend yesterday during which I went into a lift four times.
Not a blip!  Looks like that problem is solved."

Case Study

When Sally* approached me for coaching she had an intense fear of social situations, including networking and parties. The thought of even booking an event ticket had her feeling anxious and panicky and had begun to affect her business.

After we uncovered the reasons for her fears and cleared them, Sally booked and attended her first networking event. She walked into the room with confidence and was easily able to talk to strangers while feeling calm… something she previously thought impossible for her to achieve.

"Working with Rebekah from Moonbeam Monday has been a game-changer. I was struggling with old feelings and reactions that were holding me back.

Thanks to coaching, I've experienced a significant shift in these patterns. I do things differently now, no longer letting my past control my choices."

Case Study

Chrissie had a debilitating fear of flying that was so bad, at times she’d gotten off the plane before takeoff! While she would still travel, mostly out of necessity, the anxiety she felt leading up to the flight, and the panic attacks she experienced on the plane, had dampened the experience. She was even contemplating cancelling a HUGE overseas professional opportunity because she didn’t want to fly.

When Chrissie came to me we removed most of her anxiety in a matter of hours! She boarded the plane for a long-haul flight a day later without feeling panicked for the first time un YEARS! Even during turbulence she was ok. 

"I can't believe it! Beck is more valuable than my psychologist! If you suffer anxiety or fear, please reach out to her. She just changed my life!"

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