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Workplace Coaching + Training

Helping your team improve productivity, communication, and well-being by addressing the underlying causes of conflict, anxiety, and concern.

Workplace Coaching + Training

As humans, we all want to find meaning in the things we do. It’s how we’re built.


In fact, the part of our brain called the ‘seeking system’ creates our natural impulse to learn new skills and take on challenging yet meaningful tasks.


When we follow these impulses, we receive a dopamine hit – a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure – making us want to engage in these activities more and more.


When we activate this seeking system, we feel more motivated and purposeful.


The goal of workplace coaching with Moonbeam Monday

  • Educate your team on how their brain works; and why they think and react the way they do.
    When you understand what is happening in your brain when you experience an event, you're better equipped to pause and make adjustments. 

  • Help your team understand what they value most in life – professionally and personally.
    When you know what you value in life, you find purpose in what you do each day. Many people live their life with inner conflict because a) they haven’t truly identified their deeply held personal or professional values, or b) how they are living their life is in conflict with their values. When your team members understand their purpose in life, they will better understand how they, and their work, fits into the organisation.

  • Provide a suite of tools to support the team.
    We believe in providing ongoing support rather than dropping in for a one-off session, because we want to help your team make lasting and meaningful changes in the way they think and act. To do this we provide tools that will continue to support the team throughout our time together, and long-after we're gone.

How do we work with you and your team?

As individuals, we generally think we know what the problem is. But what we perceive to be the problem is often only a symptom of something far deeper, sometimes seemingly unrelated.

We know that the things affecting our personal lives also have a significant impact in our professional lives.

So, we'll begin by speaking with
you and your leadership team to find out about the culture, any areas you're concerned about, and the areas where you think the team needs support. 

Then, to further assess where the core team is at, we'll meet with them separately in a 2-hour workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to allow the te
am to speak freely so we can identify any personal or professional issues that are impacting the team as a whole.

We run this workshop as a fact-finding exercise, not a moan-fest. It's a space to encourage growth, where we determine what common and critical factors within the team may be causing friction or challenges, hindering the organisation from achieving targets.

This will provide insight into how we can deliver the following sessions specifically to the needs of your organisation. 

Analysis and feedback
Following the team workshop, we will provide you and your leadership team with our analysis of the concerns and challenges identified within the organisation. 

You will be presented with our recommendations for the team, based on the topics below.

Topic 1 - Understanding your values and purpose

Dreams + reality + determination = a successful life. But what does a successful life look like? It will be different for each one of us, and to define what it is for you, you must understand what’s most important to you.

When we understand our values, we can relate it to our day-to-day work life and find the motivation to tackle even the most mundane tasks. We all have dreams, goals and values relating to our professional and personal lives.

When we don’t know what they are or our personal life is in conflict with our professional aspirations, we experience frustration, lack of motivation, helplessness, hopelessness, stress and anxiety.

Helping the team uncover their own values, will lead to many ‘ah-ha’ moments, clarity and a new resolve to live a life of purpose and achievement. When someone is happy and fulfilled in their personal life, this will have huge benefits in the workplace.


In this session, we’ll help your team understand how to bring balance to their lives and align what they do with their values, increasing staff morale and productivity.


Topic 2 - Communicating effectively to be understood

Contrary to belief, communication isn’t about what you need. It’s about the needs of the person you are communicating with.

Not everyone speaks the same language. While we all generally communicate through words, visual cues and body language, we each have a preference to one in particular.

Knowing how to identify this in ourselves is important because it determines what information we take in, and often, how we react. Detecting this in others is vital if you want to be seen and heard.

Learning to listen then conveying your needs in a way that will be properly understood is vital for a cohesive and productive team.


In this session we help your team members identify their lead communication style, and detect it in others, how to listen in order to respond effectively and meaningfully, and why each of us have certain behaviours.


Topic 3 - Overcoming procrastination

You don’t have to find more time to get more done, you just need the right tools!

But 20% of people in Australia identify as procrastinators – that’s nearly 5.6 million people in total! Procrastination is a massive problem for many people, particularly in the workplace.

We all put things off from time to time but think of the serious consequences to people when they consistently procrastinate. Research has linked it to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. It’s a common thought that people who put off completing tasks do so because they don’t care. But that is rarely the case.

Often, it’s a fear of failure or lack of clarity driving avoidance.


In this session we identify why people procrastinate, the effect it is having on your mental and emotional state, and how to eliminate it through 7 easy steps.


Topic 4 – Developing a productive and cooperative mindset at work

If you or your team mates find it hard to get up on Monday morning to go to work, you’re not alone. A 2019 poll discovered that only 15% of people are engaged at work, which means a huge 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

By focusing on your language and choosing to ‘reframe’ the situation, you’ll develop a strong mindset that will change the game.


In this session, we will introduce how the filters of the mind work, why people say and react to certain situations, how you can begin to change this in order to reframe what was once ‘just a job’ into a meaningful purpose, and how you can change your thought patterns forever.


Topic 5 - Stop holding yourself back and regain control of your time (& life!)

When you’re living 'In Effect', you’re giving away control. You’re essentially saying that life is ‘happening to you’. When you stop making excuses and learn to live 'At Cause', your life will improve exponentially.

You’ll achieve more, feel happier, and you’ll be unstoppable.


In this session we share basic techniques to shift you into ‘cause’, creating a more inspired and productive team.

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