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Benefits: Reduce stress and cultivate a feeling of calm.


Your unconscious mind is the most wise and powerful part of you, and it knows exactly what you need right now to ensure your health and happiness. 


Listening to this audio will provide you insights and 'a-has', helping you to rewire your neurology in order to reduce stress and overwhelm, and remove triggers that cause stressful states. You can listen to this as a guided meditation to help you relax at any time, or can be listed to as you fall asleep. The message will still reach your unconscious mind. This audio should NOT be listened to while driving or operating heavy machinery.


On completion of your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download the meditation. 

If you don't receive it immediately, please check your Spam folder


19.15 minutes

Reduce Stress + Cultivate Calm Hypnotic Audio

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