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Anxiety doesn't have to be a forever thing. You can eliminate it for good!

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Technology can be so stressful!

Things don’t always go to plan, especially when technology is involved!

But it’s how you respond to a challenge that matters, right?

We encountered some frustrating tech issues when using PowerPoint at our Mindshift Mastery event on Saturday… it appeared that the Smart TV was in fact, too Smart to use Presenter mode!! 🤣

No matter what I tried, who I called for help, or how many times I restarted the TV and laptop, I couldn’t get them to communicate the way I needed them to.

It left me having to juggle the preso on two laptops, one with a mouse, one with a clicker, and it kinda killed my flow on several occasions.

What could have happened…





What actually happened…

✅Problem solving


✅The encouragement I needed to finally use Canva instead of PPT for my presentations!

Best yet… a real-life/real-time example to share with the group of how retraining your brain can help you eliminate anxiety!

Sure, you might class this as a minor problem, but a few years ago, crippled with anxiety, this situation would have sent me into a spiral.

I probably would have cried, or had an anxiety attack (or both), and it would have sapped my energy, negatively impacting my presentation.

So why is it different now?

Because I discovered a way to eliminate anxiety from my life!

Notice I said ‘eliminate’, not cope, or manage.

Before I mastered this, I thought anxiety was something I’d have for the rest of my life. I thought it was something I’d have to manage with meditation and counselling.

But I discovered that this is SO. NOT. TRUE! (Total high-5 moment BTW)

Realising that anxiety doesn't have to be a forever-thing was a total high-5 moment for me!

Anxiety doesn't have to be a forever-thing.

I discovered that when I cleared the negative emotions and resolved issues from my past, I changed my brain, introducing a whole new way of thinking!

The result? Situations like this no longer send me into a spiral. In fact, I see them merely as a learning opportunity.

I’ll be honest… I felt a little stressed as people were arriving, and I didn’t yet have a solution.

But it subsided quickly… no tears (in fact, more smiling and laughing than anything!)

No anxiety attack.

And best of all, my energy remained high, and despite the challenge of juggling, the presentation was a hit.

What’s my point?

Anxiety doesn’t have to be a forever thing.

You can retrain your brain, and in turn, completely change the way you respond, leading to a much calmer, happier and productive life.

This is the work we do through our Brain Changer 2-day intensive program.

In fact, we help you to begin retraining your brain right then and there, in the room!

If you’re keen to know more, shoot me at email at I’ll let you know how you can begin changing your life in positive and powerful ways, just like I have.

It’s easier than you might think.


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